Finnish (Suomi)

The Dungeon

dunkkari.jpgA fully equipped dungeon.

  • Bondage chair
  • Pillory (stand alone, functions also as a  sawhorse and metal stock for head and arms)
  • A lot of hemp rope and a bamboo bar for bondage
  • Leather shackels for securing and suspending
  • A winch
  • Sitting sling
  • Fasteners in the ceiling and the floor
  • Hoods (leather & rubber)
  • Gags (several different)
  • Cat whips, horse tail whip, leather paddles, a bull whip, riding crops, rattan rod...
  • Various rubber cat suits and sleeping bags
  • Cable ties, wrapping plastic, duct tape...
  • Various clamps and weights
  • Dildos & anal plugs in various sizes (motorized, pump action and strap on)
  • Genitorture equipment
  • Vacuum bed (for sensory deprivation)

Once again it needs to be mentioned that there's also a lots and lots of more and the selection is growing all the time. The premises are very enjoyable, clean and peaceful. A lot of tought and effort is invested in the decoration to make it atmospheric and enjoyable.